Home Water System Disinfection Service.

Stara Water Hygiene are delighted to now offer our vast Water Hygiene/Legionella experience to the general public, via our new Home Water System Disinfection Service.

We can carry out a full water system disinfection to all hot and cold water systems within your property using specifically developed chemicals. We will also clean and descale your shower heads and any water tanks within your property, leaving you with a fresh safe water system.


Are you asking yourself, ” why should I bother”?


For years, it has been a requirement for any non private property, that their water systems be assessed, maintained and cleaned/treated as required.

This is due to the fact that a range of harmful and potentially lethal Bacteria, can develop within the water systems if not properly maintained.


A small selection of the bacteria commonly found within water systems-

Legionella Pneumofila-

With a name like Legionella, this bacteria already sounds dangerous. And since it was named after an American Legion convention in 1976 where it was responsible for 34 deaths and a total of 221 infections, that might be a fair assumption. The condition caused by L. pneumophila is now called Legionnaires’ disease, and it sends 18,000 people to the hospital every year. And it comes from, you guessed it, contaminated water. Symptoms of Legionnaires’ disease include confusion, fevers of up to 107 F (41.5 C), loss of coordination, vomiting, diarrhea, and muscle aches.                                                    Contracted through breathing in water droplets, i.e. Showers, Hosepipes, Sprinklers, taps etc…



We all know about E. coli, or Escherichia coli, a bacteria that lives in, on, and around faecal matter. It’s been publicized more times than you can shake a stick at, until by now it’s practically a legend of the bacteria world. From food to water to even more food, it’s hard to get away from. Which is why it’s sort of disconcerting to find out that all drinking water invariably has E. coli in it; it’s just kept down to levels that are considered “safe.” in a well maintained system.



Cryptosporidium is what’s known as a protozoan—a single-celled organism—and is most famous for giving people bouts of crippling diarrhoea, a condition affectionately referred to as cryptosporidiosis. The protozoa works like a parasite, latching onto the intestines and laying eggs in a person’s faecal matter—and that’s how it spreads: when drinking water becomes contaminated with infected faecal matter, crypto moves on to new hosts.




Pseudomonas bacteria can be found naturally in the ground and within drinking water sources such as aquifers. Conventional drinking water treatment systems can remove or inactivate these bacteria, but they may continue to multiply within finished drinking water attachments and can cause negative health effects in humans under certain conditions.
Elevated numbers of Pseudomonas may indicate the development of a bacterial layer on surfaces within a distribution system. Such surface areas may include home water treatment devices that utilize carbon filters or membranes. However, the presence of disinfectants such as chlorine or chloramines, when applicable, can control (but not prevent) such growth. Furthermore, Pseudomonas species’ ability to slow their metabolism allows them to survive in bottled or distilled waters for months at low densities.


How does Bacteria develop within your home water system-

The water entering your property is delivered safe and fit for consumption by your local water authority, we have some of the best water quality in the world! however, once its over the property boundary, its your responsibility and that’s when it tends to go wrong.


Bacteria Thrives under the following conditions-

  • Within Stagnated Water, i.e. poor of no flow in pipework/tanks.
  • When Sediment/Debris collects within system. (small amounts of sediment are naturally delivered through the mains supply and collect within the system)
  • When water temperatures are between 20-50°c


For example:

Loose Deposits/Biofilm/Bacteria developing within pipework.



Bacteria/Biofilm within Pipework and Flexible Hoses Under Microscope-


Scale and Biofilm on/within shower head’s.



Domestic Cold Water Storage Tanks if installed.

Its not uncommon to find tanks with a High degree of sediment/Biofilm and even Birds or small Mammals within tanks.



What can you do?

Some of these issues are easily avoided by a few easy rules you can implement at home-

  1. Run all water outlets at least weekly for a few minutes to prevent stagnation, stagnation is one of the biggest causes of bacterial proliferation. Especially if building is unoccupied for more than a week. Potentially life threatening levels of bacteria can develop within a water system in less than a month.
  2. Ensure water temperatures are correct (Hot 60°c Stored, Min 50°c Flow) (Cold <20°c)
  3. Have regular maintenance carried out to water tanks ensuring they are kept clean.
  4. Clean and disinfect shower heads and hoses at least quarterly.



When should you call upon our Home Water System Disinfection service.

  • Have you moved into a new property? ask yourself, how has the system been looked after in the past ?
  • Do you have a Cold Water Storage Tank?
  • If the property has been left vacant, have outlets not been ran sufficiently for any length of time.
  • If you would just like peace of mind, that your water system is safe for both you and your family.
  • Is the water taste or smell tainted?
  • On a new or refurbished water system. We can flush out harmful debris and flux etc.. and Disinfect the pipework Are you aware that new pipework and fittings are not delivered sterile?
  • Is your property fed from a Bore Hole or Well?
  • Does your lovely new build come with a Chlorination certificate? No? We can help.


We can also carry out UKAS Accredited water sampling on request for total peace of mind.


With a Home Water Disinfection costing from just £180 Including VAT, its a small price to pay for peace of mind.  We can even provide discounts if multiple adjacent properties are completed at the same time. Ask a neighbour?


In order for us to provide a quotation we need the following information.

  • Rough size of building ( how many Bathrooms etc..)
  • Do you have any Cold Water Storage Tanks? Usually found in the loft.
  • Do you have a Drain Cock installed on your Incoming Mains Supply? It should be installed just after the stop tap and look something like this.   If you are unsure, please just call on 0161 327 2762 and we will talk you through it.


If you have any questions, require any advice or would like a quotation, please don’t hesitate to email or call.


Note- Information supplied on this age is to give customers a basic knowledge and is not conclusive.

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