Legionella Monitoring ACOP L8

Health & Safety Commission Hse Approved Code of Practise ( Monitoring acop L8 )

What Are Your Obligations & How Can Stara Water Hygiene Help?

Following a Legonella Risk Assessment, Stara Water Hygiene, through consultation with the customer, we can design a bespoke Acop L8 Legionella Monitoring package to include the following where required.

  • Monthly temperature testing.
  • Quarterly descaling of shower heads and spray taps.
  • Annual inspection of calorifiers.
  • Annual water storage tank inspection (6 monthly inspection and sampling of potable water Tanks)
  • Weekly flushing of little used outlets.
  • 24 monthly Legionella Risk Assessment review.
  • A Water Hygiene Operative will visit the site at regular intervals to ensure that risks are monitored.
  • Temperatures and conditions will be compared with parameters detailed in ACOP L8/HSG274.

Recommendations & Remedial Action:

If conditions are identified which could possibly lead to the proliferation of Bacteria, then recommendations will be made on how to minimise the risk.

If you have and questions, would like any advice or would simply like to discuss further please just get in touch.