Legionella/ Water Hygiene Remedial Works

Whilst a Legionella Risk Assessment and Management Program are fundamental to reduce, to a certain extent, the risk of Legionnaires’ disease, it may also be necessary to carry out remedial works on the water system’s for Legionella control to reduce the risk further.

Stara Water Hygiene are able to offer a wide range of Legionella/ Water Hygiene remedial services, such as:

  • Installation of TMV’s (Thermostatic Mixer Valves)
  • GRP Tank Replacement
  • Mains Conversion Works
  • Tank Relining
  • Tank Refurbishment
  • Repairing or replacing water heaters and Calorifiers
  • Removal of dead-legs (redundant pipework or water service) or other unwanted water services
  • Insulating water storage tanks and its associated pipe work
  • Reconfiguration of pipe work within a cold water storage tank
  • Fixing new tank lids and fitting Bylaw 30 kits
  • Installing/replacing ball valves
  • Installing insect and rodent screens on cold water storage tanks
  • Installation or replacement of water storage tanks
  • Installation or replacement of shower pumps/water pumps
  • Installation or replacement of stopcocks, isolation valves, double check valves etc.
  • Installation of RPZ valve’s (Reduced Pressure Zone Valve) for category 4 back flow protection.
  • Water Softener Installation and Commissioning.
  • Filtration and UV System Installation.

Stara Water Hygiene ensure all plumbing works are carried out by highly trained and experienced Engineers with a Legionella Risk Assessment background to ensure that the remedial actions are completed in accordance with the requirements of ACOP L8/HSG 274 and all other relevant regulations and standards.

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