Tank Cleaning and Disinfection

Stara Water Hygiene provide Cold Water Storage Tank Cleaning and Disinfection/Chlorination Services to Manchester and Surrounding Regions.


Why Should Water Tanks Be Cleaned and Disinfected?

Once water is stored it is then open to the environment and therefore susceptible to contamination and degradation. This can allow conditions to develop which supports the growth of micro-organisms. To maintain water quality, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) recommends regular inspection of water storage tanks, calorifiers and cooling systems and to clean and disinfect them if necessary.

The Risks of Not Keeping Your Water Tanks Clean?

The proliferation of Legionella can occur due to sludge and nutrient build-up in water services.         

For this reason, Potable Tanks (containing water for consumption) should be cleaned and disinfected on an annual basis as per DWI (Drinking water inspectorate) specification.                                                                  

Other domestic systems such as water storage tanks (not containing water for potable use), a clean and disinfection is only necessary if routine inspection shows it to be required. However, you may decide to clean and disinfect your water systems annually as part of your maintenance program.

Also if a system if left to stagnate, for example if a building has been left dormant for more than a month then we suggest a full Tank and system flush and disinfection should be carried out before being put back into service. To counteract the need for this, if a building is to be left dormant for more than a week then a suitable weekly flushing program of all outlets should be put into place and records kept.

Stara Water Hygiene can carry out Clean and Disinfection works to all sizes of systems, from a Domestic 10LTR Tank to a 200,000 LTR sectional tank. We carry a range of Chemicals to suit each specific disinfection task.

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